Thrift Store Round Tray Makeover

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I want to share with you this thrift store round tray makeover I just finished for less than $10.00.

Trays are one of my favorite pieces of home decor. You can put them almost anywhere, and they elevate the home decor items you group together in them.

I had my eye on a white round tray I found online, but it was $128.00! No matter how cute it is, I would never spend that much on a simple tray.

However, I was at the thrift store the other day and I found a similar one in shape and size so I set out to DIY it into the white tray I’d had my eye on!

Here I will show you how I completed this farmhouse thrift store round tray makeover using only a few supplies and spending less than $10.00! That’s right; a designer tray knock-off for only $10!


Here was the tray I found online for $128 that I wanted to recreate. I just love how simple and pretty it is.


Here is the tray I found from Goodwill. It was only $1.99! It was in decent shape but needed a little cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.

Large White Round Tray from thrift store

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Gather Supplies

In order to complete this thrift store round tray makeover, I only used a few supplies.

Supplies for thrift store round tray makeover

Spray Paint Round Tray

After I gave the tray a good cleaning, it was time to spray paint it.

I used this chalky white spray paint, and gave it two coats. One tip I will give is to make sure to follow the dry times between coats for best results.

Spray Paint Thrift Store Round Tray White

Wrap Handles

I found this really cool natural hemp cord to use. I like it better than jute twine for this project because it was stiffer, and it doesn’t fray as easily.

Hemp cord To wrap around handles of tray

The first thing I did was tape a piece off to the side so that I could wrap it tightly before gluing it down.

Wrapping the handles of the tray was pretty easy, just had to make sure I had it nice and tight! I made the job harder on myself but cutting a piece that was too big! Oh well, better than too short I guess.

Once it was all wrapped, I simply used the hot glue to secure it in place.

Thrift Store Round Tray Makeover After

And that was it! This was an extremely simple DIY project.

I’m all about decorating on a budget, so I was excited to find this tray for so cheap. It looks very similar to the designer version for a fraction of the cost.

Thrift Store Round Tray Makeover After

Thanks for checking it out! If you liked this tray, check out the Milk & Cookies tray for Santa I made with another thrift store find.

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