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Simple Vintage Farmhouse Stool Makeover

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Over the past few years, I have been transitioning to farmhouse-style decor. I’m so excited that I have finally found the perfect piece for my farmhouse stool makeover project!

farmhouse stool makeover white

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For months now, I have been wanting a distressed white stool to add to my house, but I wanted something that looked vintage. When I found this one at the thrift store, I knew that was it. Even better, at half off, I got this beauty for only $2.00!!

Here I will show you how easy you can do your own farmhouse stool makeover using just paint & sandpaper.

Farmhouse Stool Makeover Instructions

Step 1: Clean Bar Stool

The first thing I did was give the stool a good cleaning. I simply used water & dish soap for this. Once it’s clean, wipe it down with a fresh towel and let dry.

Clean Old Vintage Bar Stool

Step 2: Prepare To Paint

For this stool makeover, I decided to go the easy route and spray paint it. Since I was going for a farmhouse style stool, I went with this white chalk spray paint.

To prep, the only thing I needed to do was lay down a large drop cloth.

old vintage bar stool prep for makeover

Step 3: Spray Paint stool

For this project, I used two coats of this chalk spray paint.

Make sure to follow all the tips and tricks to spray painting so that you don’t have any drips or bubbles.

Step 4: Sand Stool To Distress

Once the stool had dried, it was time to distress it a bit.

This is a very simple process, just take some sandpaper and go over the edges and top little by little.

Keep sanding until you are happy with the way it looks.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Once you are done, go ahead and decorate it or just use it as is.

I love how simple this farmhouse stool makeover was!

farmhouse stool makeover after
farmhouse stool makeover

I plan to use this stool with my seasonal decor by my fireplace, but who knows where it will end up! There are so many possibilities.

Update: See How I Used This Stool In My Fall Fireplace Decor

Make sure to keep an eye out for these old stools, you can easily transform them in an hour.

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