DIY Farmhouse Window Frame

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I love the look of antique windows in decor, but I never seem to come across any when I’m out looking. So I decided to try my hand at creating a DIY Farmhouse Window Frame.

This is great decor to have especially if your house has a farmhouse style to it.

DIY Farmhouse window frame pink rose green stems

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Step 1 – Find Frames

If you want to make a farmhouse window frame without using any power tools, canvas frames are the way to go.

I picked up these at dollar tree, but if you don’t have one nearby, you can also get a value pack on Amazon. The great thing about canvases is that they come in different sizes so you can make your window as large or small as you would like. Most craft stores carry them in larger sizes if you want yours bigger.

6 Dollar Tree Canvases
back of 6 dollar tree canvases

Step 2- Remove Canvas From Frame

Removing the canvas from the frame is pretty simple. I’m sure I will find a use for the canvas material in the future, so I was careful to cut it out cleanly. The edges come right off once you have the middle section removed.

Remove Canvas From Dollar Tree Canvas

Continue to remove the canvas from all of your frames.

Dollar Tree Canvas Frames

Step 3- Hot Glue Frames Together

To attach the frames together, I simply used a hot glue gun.

Hot Glue Canvas Frames Together
Connect canvas frames together with hot glue
6 canvas frames

Step 4- Paint Farmhouse Window Frame

I choose to use Linen White Chalk Paint for this project. Give the frame a few coats and you are good to go.

Paint and stain wood canvas frames
Paint canvas frames white

Step 5 – Caulk Any Gaps

Unfortunately, the frames didn’t fit flush together at one point. All you need to do is take a bit of caulk to fill it in.

caulk gap in diy canvas window frame

Step 6 – Apply Stain To Distress Frame

In order to achieve the aged look, I used some stain on the frame. Don’t worry about perfection here, just apply a little bit here and there and then wipe it off right away.

I used this stain to age it.

Stain farmhouse window frame
diy farmhouse window frame dollar tree canvas

Step 7- DIY Farmhouse Window Decor

You can choose to leave the window as is, or add some decor to it.

I had this pink rose lying around so I decided to add it along with some leaves. Simply attach to the frame with some floral wire.

DIY Farmhouse window frame pink rose green stems
Farmhouse Window Frame

Supplies Used:

There you have it, a simple easy DIY Farmhouse Window Frame. You can easily add this to a home office, front entrance, or any room in the home. This project only cost me $6.00 since I already had everything else laying around.

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