Unique Memorial Gift – Remembrance Planter

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Loss is hard. Finding ways to honor your lost loved ones is something that is important to a lot of people. For myself, it was the loss of a child. As I am approaching her 8th heavenly birthday, I wanted to make something special to plant some flowers for her. This project was simple yet meaningful for me. I can’t help to think what a great unique memorial gift this would make for others. Whether it is the loss of a pet, parent, child, or friend, you can use this method to make pretty much any design you want.

Here I will show you how I transformed an old planter pot into a remembrance planter using the tissue transfer technique.

Unique Memorial Gift Personalized Planter Butterfly forever in our hearts
Unique Memorial Gift

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Step 1 – Paint Planter Pot

For myself, I choose to use an outdated pot that I already had. If you don’t already have one you can get a terra cotta planter or something similar.

Chose the color you want to paint it, and give it a nice base coat of paint. This will make it easier to blend in around the transferred image. I went ahead and spray painted this one aged grey.

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Old planter with purple grapes and green leaves
Spray Paint Planter gray

Step 2 – Find Or Design Image

I simply used Canva to create my design. You can also use Word or similar programs to create anything you want on it. Once you have your design, simply save it as a PDF.

Step 3 – Print On Tissue Paper

This was my first time using the tissue transfer technique but it was a fairly simple process. You simply tape the piece of tissue paper to a sheet of copy paper, and print like you normally would.

Tissue Paper Taped To Paper
butterfly image with Zoe text printed on tissue paper

Step 4 – Transfer Tissue To Planter

First, cut out around the image. A tip would be to cut fairly close to the outline, I wish I would have cut it a tad smaller. Then it’s time to transfer the tissue image. For this step, I used Mod Podge to apply the image to the planter. Apply it directly on the planter and then carefully add the image to it.

Apply Mod Podge to planter

Tissue paper is very thin so you want to go slowly as to not damage the paper. Once it had dried, I added some more Mod Podge over the image to seal it.

Tissue transfer onto pot using mod podge

Step 5 – Blend With Paint

After the tissue transfer had dried, I went around it with some paint and blended in the edges. You can get creative here and use different colors.

grey paint on paper plate
Unique Memorial Gift Remembrance Planter Zoe forever in our hearts
Unique Memorial Gift

Let dry and you are done!

This makes for a very unique memorial gift that you can give to others who are suffering a loss. I know a lot of people that receive memorial plants at the funeral and this would be a great gift idea for them to put the plants in.


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Unique Memorial Gift

Make This Personalized DIY Planter

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  1. Hello, Thank you for a beautiful way to remember a loved one. I lost my Dad recently and I would enjoy making this as a way to honor him. (Ps. Interestingly,I saw a black butterfly as a sign at his grave.)

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