DIY Dice Tray – How To Make In Under 10 Minutes

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Here I will show you how I made a DIY Dice Tray in under 10 minutes.

I love that my older kids still want to play games that involve dice. There are so many fun ones! The problem with dice games, is that inevitably you almost always have them rolling off the table or out of reach. Recently I found myself fishing one out from under the refridgerator.

So I decided I was in need of a rolling dice tray of sorts. I search for how to make a wooden dice box online, and although there were some really cute ones I thought there had to be an easier way that didn’t involve power tools.

So I set out to create an easy DIY dice tray!

What Is The Point Of A DIY Dice Tray?

Having a dice tray not only helps the dice from rolling off the table but also keeps them together which makes it easier to view them. Also, you can easily move the dice tray from player to player.

Why Use A DIY Dice Tray?

Beside keeping your dice from rolling off of the table there are many reasons to use create a DIY Dice Tray. First, you have a place to store all of your dice when you are not using.

Second, you can play a game on a soft surface. Sometimes we end up playing a game on the carpet, and a dice tray is a nice way to not have to risk knocking down game pieces.

Also, if you are playing a game with a lot of dice pieces a dice tray will help keep them all contained in one spot.

Now its time to show you how to make a dice tray of your own in less than 10 minutes.

DIY Dice Tray

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How To Make A DIY Dice Tray


The first thing you will need is some sort of wooden box. I picked a few vintage cigar boxes on a recent thrift store trip. I used one to make this watch box, and I had one left over that was perfect for this project!

If you don’t come across one, you can always order empty cigar boxes like these online for fairly cheap. Also, if you have Binny’s nearby they tend to sell their empty cigar boxes as well.

Here are some other options you can use to make your dice rolling box:

Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Cigar Box
Empty cigar box for diy dice tray

DIY Dice Tray – Step 2 (Optional)

Once you have decided on the box you will use, it’s time to paint or stain it. This step is totally optional. I loved the look of the cigar box I found so I opted not to paint or stain it.

You can get super creative here! Here are just a few ideas you can do to personalize your wooden dice tray:

The point is to make it your own. I love how you can make this custom and have a one-of-a-kind personal dice tray.

DIY Dice Tray – Step 3

Once you have your box ready to go, it is time to add some felt to it. Now, you can use some scrap felt you already have, but I would highly recommend going with felt that has an adhesive backing.

If you choose to go with just regular felt, you will need to add an extra step by gluing it in place.

At this point, you want to measure and cut your felt. I was lucky that the cigar box I found came with a removable lining that I was able to use as a guide to measuring everything out. If you don’t have that, just go ahead and measure the size and cut.

Once you have the felt cut to size, peel off the backing a simply press into place – super easy!

I decided to felt both the top and bottom so that we would have two rolling surfaces if needed.

red felt
adhesive backing being removed from red felt
red felt in bottom of empty cigar box to create wooden dice tray

Step 4- Insert A Divider (Optional)

You could very well be done at this point if you want, but I decided to add a divider to our rolling dice tray. This allows us to keep the dice we are not using separate.

For this step, I simply measured the size need, and created a cardboard divider. I had some extra felt left over, so I simply wrapped to cardboard with it.

Then, it was just a matter of fitting the dividers into the box with a dab of superglue on the sides. That’s it!

red felt in top and bottom of empty cigar box to create a diy dice tray
piece of cardboard and piece of red felt
DIY Dice Tray with Red Felt & Divider

Step 5 – Enjoy!

There you have it! This wooden dice tray took less than 10 minutes to make and required no power tools whatsoever.

Diy Dice Tray Supplies:

Even after seeing how easy this was to make, if you don’t want to bother with making one, you can find some great options for dice trays online.

If you are looking for more games you can DIY – check out this Wooden Tic Tac Toe Board

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