DIY Two-Tone Planter

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I was browsing online the other day for new planters, and I came across this awesome one from Target. However, it was over $350 for a set of three! I couldn’t believe it. I also would never spend that much on planters. A few days go by, and I can’t stop thinking about how cute they were. So I set out to see if I could create a DIY two-tone planter myself.

See how I created a similar version of this two toned wicker planter using only a few supplies.

DIY Two tone Planter

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Here are the supplies needed for this DIY two-tone planter project:

Black Planter Amazon

Step 1: Cut Basket Reed To Size

Originally, I thought that I would just wrap the reed around the planter and secure it with some hot glue. I learned pretty quickly that this stuff has quite a spring to it, so it would have taken forever to glue it piece by piece.

Instead, I measured out the length I would need to wrap around the plant pot base and cut them into individual pieces.

Cut Basket Round Reed To Size

Step 2: Group 5-6 Reeds together

Next, I grabbed about 5 of the reeds, and taped them together using some painters tape.

Once I had them all grouped together, it was time to put them on the plant holder.

Basket round reed grouped together with blue painters tape

Step 3: Hot Glue To Planter

To make it easier, I started by clamping the first group to the planter, and then slowly wrapping it around and hot gluing as I went.

Make sure to fit them snug together as you go so that there are no gaps between the reeds. (I probably could have done a better job at this!)

hot glue basket reed to planter

Step 4: Tape Off To Paint

In order to create the DIY two-tone planter look I was going for, I needed to paint part of the planter.

For this, I simply used a piece of painter’s tape to create a diagonal line on the pot.

Blue painters tape to create a diagonal before painting diy planter

Then, it was just a simple paint job!

Black paint on basket reed diy planter

Once it is dry, remove the tape.

Step 5: Add Plant

Now I just have to decide what I’m going to put in it! Any suggestions?

I think I may do a different design on the other planters, and pair it with this adjustable plant stand.

Thanks for stopping by & checking out my DIY two-tone planter!

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DIY Two-Tone Planter

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