Lantern Decor Ideas You Won’t Want To Miss

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Don’t you just love decorating with lanterns? They are so versatile and are easy to decorate with. Here I want to share some lantern decor ideas and fillers that you can use to switch up the look of your lanterns by season, decor style or just to keep it looking fresh.

I especially love changing out the lantern filler seasonally. When you are trying to figure out what to put in your lantern, remember that you can combine a lot of these to make a statement. Combine candles, flowers, and seasonal decor to add layers of interest.

Also, don’t forget to top off your decorated lantern with a ribbon to elevate the look.

Having multiple lanterns of varying heights together and really add to the ambiance. You can buy them or make your own lanterns.

So let’s take a look at different lantern decor ideas that you can use to fill them.

Lantern Decor Ideas

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Year round lantern decor ideas

 lantern decor ideas

When it comes to decorating lanterns for the fall, I love to add pumpkins, candles, and pinecones. You can also add these:

 lantern decor ideas

I love decorating for Christmas, which includes decorating my many lanterns! They are great for decorating after Christmas if you want a winter vibe. Here are just a few ideas you can incorporate:

spring lantern decor ideas

 lantern decor ideas

Spring decorating usually involves bright fun colors. Here are a few things you can put in your lantern during the springtime.

 lantern decor ideas

I love adding seashells that my kids have collected on vacation over the years to my lantern decor. Here are a few other summer filler ideas.


As you can see, there are so many ways to fill your lanterns! You can easily switch out the decor seasonally, or fill it with decor that works year-round. How do you like to style your decorated lantern?

Some of my favorite lanterns

There are so many different lanterns out there but here are some of my favorite! (Click/Tap To Shop)

DIY Wooden Outdoor Lantern

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