Decorating After Christmas – How To Transition To Winter

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Struggling with decorating after Christmas? How do you decorate your house in January? This article will cover how to transition from Christmas to winter decor and keep that cozy feel going throughout your home.

One of my greatest joys in life is decorating for Christmas. I just love the cozy feel of my home with all the lights and holiday decor.

If you are like me, then you probably want to keep that cozy feel throughout the winter months.

When it’s time to take down all those Christmas decorations, keep any home decor that is winter-related and pack the rest.

Here are some tips on how you can transition from Christmas decor into winter decor so that your home feels warm and inviting in January.

These winter decorations are neutral and inspired by nature.

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First, keep any greenery that you have left over from Christmas. Most winter decor is neutral and inspired by nature.

Keep simple garland and remove any Christmas garland. I have one set that I just remove the red berries from and it fits right into the winter wonderland theme.

Also, keep any greenery that you used for vases. To give it a winter feel, I cut some of the greenery down to create centerpieces on my table or buffet in my dining room.

You can even hang greenery along the banister for a pretty look that will keep you in the holiday mood without all the lights and decorations.

White Lights

Second, try adding white lights everywhere throughout your home.

White lights are not only warm and inviting but also add a sense of luxury at the same time. White lights will add a winter feel to your home.

If you have any white Christmas lights, place them around the house in areas where they’ll blend in.

Keep any other types of themed lights neutral and string them around your fireplace mantel or on the outside of a window for a soft glow.

Mini Trees

Keep all of your little accent trees up after Christmas. These are the perfect winter wonderland decorations. This includes brush trees, wooden tree accents, and tabletop fir trees.

This is also the perfect time to buy an artificial Christmas tree for next year!


If you have any pine cones left over from Christmas, they’re great to use as decor throughout the winter months.

One easy way to incorporate them into winter decor is by using an old wreath frame. Just spread out some pinecones within the frame and you can add a bow for a little extra decoration.

Pillows & Blankets

Styling with throw blankets is always a good idea! If you have any warm blankets or throws that you used during the holidays, they’re great to use in your living room or bedroom. Put away the colored Christmas ones, and keep any neutral pillows you have out.

Think faux fur, cable knit, or sweater material. These will keep you in the holiday mood but without red and green colors. I try to buy neutral Christmas pillow covers that will work for winter as well. This way I can just leave them out after Christmas.

Snowmen & Snowflake Decor

When decorating after Christmas, snowmen are a winter must-have. If you have any snowmen left over from Christmas, use them in neutral areas around the house.

Snowflake decor in the winter is wonderful too! There are so many different snowflakes you can use throughout your house for winter decor.

Whether it’s a wooden snowflake accent piece or a sign with snowflakes on it – you can keep them all out.

Winter Candles, Wreaths & Signs

When packing up your Christmas decorations, keep an eye out for anything that falls into the “winter” theme.

If you have a plain wreath with pinecones for example – keep it out! Just make sure to pack up that ornament wreath!

Candles are also great to use throughout the winter months. I usually pack up my red candles and keep the green and white ones out.

I pack away all my Merry Christmas signs but keep all the winter signs up.


Lanterns are also great for winter decor. They can be kept out through all seasons so keep them up! I tend to just change out my lantern fillers to accommodate every season.

Vintage Ski, Sled, Or Ice Skate Decor

Keep out any vintage ski, sled, or ice skate decor. These are perfect for winter decor. Remove any Christmas embellishments you may have on them and place them around your home for that winter cabin feel.

Photos Of Winter Scenes

One thing I love to do in my living room is place photos all around of winter scenes. If you have any, keep them out and add them throughout your home! You can even frame them and decorate them with snowflakes or greenery for a festive feel.

Vintage Snow Globe Decor

Keep out any vintage snow globe decor you have leftover from Christmas. They add that winter feels perfect!

Mantel & Accent Pieces

Last, don’t forget the fireplace mantel! Add a few of your favorite winter decor items for an easy but beautiful winter look that will keep your home feeling cozy without going too overboard.

Depending on what you have leftover from Christmas, you can use greenery or snowflakes. Keep anything neutral though (i.e. no red and green) to keep the look cohesive throughout all seasons!

That’s it! You can decorate your home after Christmas without going overboard on winter decor. Just make sure to pack up anything Christmas-themed first, then you can add in winter decor without making it feel like Christmas is still here.

Christmas Decorations To REMOVE In January

In order to transition from Christmas to winter decor, you will want to remove the following items:

  • Santas
  • Christmas Signs
  • Nativity Scenes
  • Stockings
  • Red Decorations
  • Colored Christmas lights
  • Christmas Trees & Ornaments
  • Nutcrackers
  • Christmas Gnomes
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Poinsettias & Red Berries
  • Colored Christmas Pillows & Blankets 
  • Candy Cane Decor
  • Ornament Decor
  • Christmas Villages (Except All White)

Christmas Decorations To KEEP In January

When it comes to decorating after Christmas, you will want to keep the following items up:


Now that you know what to keep and what to remove from your home when decorating after Christmas, it’s time to get started! Just make sure to pack up any Christmas-themed items first, then add in winter decor without making it feel like Christmas is still here.

By following these tips, you can easily create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for all of your guests this winter season. Don’t forget to check out some home decor stores for items on clearance as well!

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