10 Best Flocked Christmas Trees For 2023

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‘Tis the season for flocked Christmas Trees! The holidays are upon us and there is nothing that will give your home more of a cozy, festive vibe than adding an eye-catching flocked tree to your decor.

Not only do they bring out the holiday spirit in any room, but they also provide texture and warmth as no other decoration can.

To make sure you get the best pick for your holiday setup this year, we’ve put together our top ten picks for gorgeous flocked Christmas trees. Keep reading to find out which ones come highly recommended by customers and designers alike!

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Best Flocked Christmas Trees

King Of Christmas

Price: $299-$1999

Type: Realistic Beauty

Size Options: 6.5′, 7.5′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 12′

Lights: Unlit & Prelit LED Options

How stunning is this flocked Christmas tree?! There is a reason this tree has been named “Best Artificial Christmas Tree 2022”! It has elegantly shaped branches, and the intricate flocking stays put all season long.

Don’t wait though, this tree goes viral almost every year and sells out quickly! You can also find this tree at Walmart or even Amazon.

Target – Best Choice Products

Price: $59.99 – $199.99

Type: Pine

Size Options: 4.5′, 6′, 7.5′, 9′

Lights: Unlit w/ Prelit Options

By far one of the most affordable flocked Christmas tree options, this tree is perfect for creating a winter wonderland in your living room!

It has an artificial snow flocking that looks great from all angles and adds a touch of luxury to your holiday setup.

If you love the full look, you’ll love this flocked Christmas Tree from Target.

Amazon – Vickerman Flocked Fir

Price: $171 – $697

Type: Fir

Size Options: 4.5′, 7.5′, 9′

Lights: Unlit

This snow-tipped beauty is perfect for modern holiday decor that you can enjoy year after year!

The Vickerman Flocked Utica Fir has a sparse profile with plenty of wispy branches and realistic white tips. This flocked tree is sure to bring a touch of wintertime charm to your home, no matter the season!

This one comes unlit so it’s perfect for decorating after Christmas.

Amazon – Fraser Hill Farm

Price: $186 – $749

Type: Pine

Size Options: 6.5′, 7.5′, 9′, 10′

Lights: Unlit, Multi-colored, Warm White

Fraser Hill Farm’s Mountain Pine flocked Christmas tree brings an air of realism with its A-line silhouette, lifelike foliage, and all-metal hinged branch construction.

Transform your holiday space into a serene winter wonderland that you won’t want to leave! This heavily flocked finish was designed to replicate the look of freshly fallen snow, providing a seasonal and realistic aesthetic.

Wayfair – Mercury Row Flocked Fir

Price: $139 – $1599

Type: Fir

Size Options: 4.5′, 6.5′, 7.5′, 9′, 12′

Lights: Unlit

This flocked Christmas tree is sure to bring beauty and joy into your home. With its realistic foliage and full shape, this tree will be a perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Its flocking adds texture and creates the look of a fresh snowfall, so you can enjoy it all season long!

This is the perfect tree to leave bare or dress up with your favorite Christmas decorations.

Lowes – Sterling Tree Company

Price: $ 349.00

Type: Spruce

Size Options: 7.5′

Lights: Pre-lit

This Aspen Spruce Pre-lit Flocked Christmas Tree from Lowes is a stunning choice for those wanting to bring some festive cheer into their home.

It has an elegant A-line silhouette and lush foliage with white tips that create the perfect winter wonderland look.

Furthermore, this flocked Christmas tree comes pre-lit with 500 clear lights!

Target – Home Heritage Snowy Abies Pine

Price: $ 379

Type: Pine

Size Options: 6′

Lights: Pre-lit

If you are looking for a flocked Christmas tree that is light on the flock, this one’s for you!

The snowy Abies Pine is perfect for creating a more subtle look with delicate white tips and an understated flocking.

This flocked Christmas Tree has a sparse shape that looks beautiful on its own. No need to decorate, just add a few presents and you’re done!

Amazon – Best Choice Products Pencil Tree

Price: $ 109.99 – $249.99

Type: Pine

Size Options: 6′, 7.5′, 9′, 12′

Lights: Clear / White Lights

If you are short on space or just want a more narrow tree, this is the perfect pick!

This white flocked Pencil Tree from Best Choice Products packs a lot of festive charm into its slim frame.

The delicate flocking and sparse profile make it ideal for adding a touch of wintery magic to any room. Put in the corner of the bedroom, or in a small living room.

Home Depot – Fraser Hill Farm Snowy Pine

Price: $274.99 – $931.84

Type: Pine

Size Options: 6.5′, 7.5′, 9′, 10′, 12′

Lights: Clear Smart Lights

This Snowy Pine from Fraser Hill Farm can be found at Home Depot and is the perfect choice for bringing some festive cheer to your holiday decor.

It features a full silhouette, heavy flocking, and a realistic appearance that looks great in any home.

No matter where you display it, this tree is sure to be the star of your holiday decor!

Amazon – Flocked Christmas Tree With Pine cones

Price: $376.99

Type: Evergreen

Size Options: 7.5′

Lights: Warm LED Lights

Bring a natural touch to your holiday decor with this flocked Christmas Tree from Amazon.

It comes with a generous amount of pine cones, making it look like it just rolled in from the forest!

The lush branches and delicate flocking make this tree perfect for creating an elegant and festive atmosphere.

Flocked Christmas Tree FAQ’s

What Is A Flocked Christmas Tree?

A flocked Christmas tree is a type of Christmas tree that has been coated with a white or light-colored spray. This coating of powdered material gives the tree a soft, snow-like look and feel. Flocking is often used to give the appearance of the freshly-fallen snow on branches and needles, enhancing the festive atmosphere associated with the holiday season.

Why Are Flocked Trees So Popular?

Flocked Christmas trees are gaining popularity with homeowners looking to add a unique and realistic touch to their holiday decor. They are pre-flocked with a white powdery material that mimics the look of snow, giving them a classic winter feel.

They are also the perfect tree to leave undecorated which allows you to have more trees in your home without having to buy extra decorations.

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Still In Style?

Absolutely! Flocked Christmas trees are here to stay and are becoming even more popular as more options become available.

Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern and minimal, flocked trees offer a unique way to decorate your home for the holidays. With their classic wintery look, these trees are sure to bring some festive cheer into any space.

How To Decorate A Flocked Christmas Tree?

Decorating a flocked Christmas tree is a bit more difficult than a regular tree as its branches and needles can be harder to hang ornaments on. To ensure your decorations stay put, it’s best to use ornament hooks or clips specially designed for flocked Christmas trees.

Flocked Christmas trees are perfect for the naked tree trend! The “naked tree” trend is a recent Christmas decorating style that eschews traditional ornaments and decorations in favor of a minimalist, stark look. In this style, the branches and needles of the tree are left natural and free of any heavy ornamentation. Instead, simple touches such as white lights, or garlands made of natural elements may be used to enhance the understated beauty of the tree.

How To Store A Flocked Christmas Tree?

To store a flocked Christmas tree, first, remove the decorations and lights. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess debris from the branches. Once this is done, disassemble the tree as much as possible and wrap each component in plastic.

Make sure to store all components in a cool, dry place away from any water or heat sources. Finally, after storing the flocked Christmas tree for the year, it should be inspected before assembling again to ensure it is still in good condition before decorating.

What Colors Look Best On A Flocked Christmas Tree?

Metallics such as silver and gold look especially beautiful on a flocked Christmas tree, as do pastel or jewel-tone colors.

White and blue decorations also make for an eye-catching combination! For a festive feel, you can add touches of red or green to your decor.

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Messy?

Flocked Christmas trees can be quite messy when setting up or taking down, as the flocking material can easily shed and spread around. Once it’s up and in place, however, the mess is minimal.

How To Clean A Flocked Christmas Tree

Cleaning a flocked Christmas tree is relatively simple. First, make sure that the tree is unplugged and free from any lights or decorations. Next, take your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment and gently go over the branches to remove any loose pieces of flocking.

If needed, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down the branches for extra cleaning. Finally, allow the tree time to dry before plugging in any lights or decorations.

How To Put Lights On A Flocked Christmas Tree

Putting lights on a flocked Christmas tree is best done before plugging the lights in. Start by wrapping the cord around the trunk of the tree, then string the lights up and down the branches.

Take extra care not to damage any of the flockings as this can cause it to shed more easily. Once the lights are in place, you can plug them in and enjoy your festive light display!


So there you have it, our top ten picks for the best flocked Christmas trees! Now all that’s left to do is pick one that suits your holiday decor and start filling it with presents!

Whether you go for a simple look or something a bit more festive, these trees will bring a special touch of wintery magic to your home. Remember, with proper care and maintenance, these trees can be used multiple times, saving you money and making them great value-for-money investments! Happy holidays!

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