Peel and Stick Paint Samples Using Real Paint From Samplize

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Looking for peel and stick paint samples?

Getting a paint color that you love can be hard, especially if you’re not sure what it looks like in your home. 

Thinking about a black accent wall? There are so many shades of black!

Choosing paint can be a stressful experience because it’s hard to know what the colors will look like until they’re on the wall. This means people often end up with colors they didn’t expect or even like once their rooms are painted.

Samplize is the solution to this problem. It’s an online service that delivers high-quality paint samples straight to your door for free! This way you can see the actual shade before buying an entire gallon of paint and ending up with a DIY project you don’t love.

peel and stick paint samples

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What Is Samplize?

Samplize is a company founded by interior designer Amber Thomas along with her son Taylor. Their goal was to provide high-quality paint samples at an affordable price so that people would be more likely to achieve the look they were aiming for in their homes.

Samplize products are peel-and-stick paint samples that are made with REAL PAINT. They’re fully removable and reusable. Since the colors are actually painted on your walls, you can experience the texture and feel of a surface just like it would be in real life.

You can find Samplize peel and stick paint samples at Home Depot and online directly from Samplize.

How Does It Work?

Simply order the peel-and-stick paint samples in the colors you want to test out. To use them, you just peel off the back and stick them on any surface you want.

You can experiment with paint colors in different rooms and even around corners to see how the same color looks against different walls.

Samplize is a great way to visualize what a room will look like without having to go through the hassle of painting entire walls or repainting them when you don’t like the result.

Why use Samplize?

Some people try out ten colors before finding the one they like. Other people are willing to pay more for paint because they’re stuck with a color they don’t love.

Samplize lets you avoid both of these problems, all without wasting money on paint or time painting test swatches.

Samplize can help you discover the perfect color in no time at all. These samples are like giant, beautiful, high-definition postcards. They allow you to see how a room would look with the exact paint color you’ve picked out.

use peel and stick paint samples instead of painting on wall

How does Samplize help you save?

Samplize can help you save money by trying out colors before you commit to one you hate. This allows you to experiment and find the perfect shade before you waste money on a paint color only to hate it and end up buying a different color.

Already have a paint color in mind?

The last time I checked, Samplize had over 7500 different paint colors to choose from. This means that their selection is literally more than twice as large as what you’d find at a major paint store.

They also have the best sellers listed front & center if you are looking for some suggestions.

So whether you’re looking for your favorite shade or something new to try, chances are Samplize probably has it.

peel and stick paint samples come in over 7500 different colors

What brands of paint can you get Samplize samples of?

Samplize comes in a few different brands including Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, and PPG.

That means you can get both premium and mid-price paint colors to try out.

How Large are samplize paint samples?

Each Samplize paint sample is 12×12 inches square. They’re a great size for getting an idea of what a color looks like in your space, without having to commit to a whole gallon.

What Sheens are available?

Samplize paint samples all come in an eggshell finish. Although they may do custom finishes in the future this is your only option as of now.

What are the benefits of using SAMPLIZE?

Some of the benefits of using Samplize include:

  • You can test out an unlimited number of paint colors in the privacy of your own home
  • It costs less than buying a full gallon of paint
  • Takes less time than painting test swatches
  • It’s a more accurate way of seeing paint colors because it uses real paint instead of a tiny color sample.
  • Samplize makes color testing fun and easy. All you have to do is peel and stick and you’re ready to view the different shades on your walls. No more messy paint swatches!
  • You can order as many or as few samples as you want at one time

Are Samplize paint samples accurate?

Yes, the Samplize paint samples are very accurate. They’re made with real paint and allow you to experience a surface just like you would in real life.

According to their website, each sample is hand-painted (using rollers!) with not one but two coats of paint. This gives it an accurate texture and color.

Plus, you are not painting over existing paint or the walls. You’re applying an overlay to your existing wall (or someplace else if you like).

Do Samplize samples leave a residue?

These samples are supposed to be easily removed without damaging the surface.

Unfortunately, some people have said that the Samplize paint samples do leave behind some sticky residue on your walls when you peel them off. You can remove this residue by cleaning your walls with a little bit of alcohol on a cloth.

Can I use Samplize on walls? Floors? Trim? Ceilings?

Yes! Samplize can be used on most interior surfaces. You can even apply it to window panes, cabinets, or anywhere else you might need a color sample.

Can I put the paint samples on the furniture?

Yes! You can use Samplize paint samples on just about any surface except for fabric.

The best part is once you remove them, they don’t leave a mark or damage the furniture in any way.

Can I use Samplize Peel And Stick Paint Samples on the Exterior?

Since these samples are intended for interior use, it’s not recommended to use them on the exterior walls. This is simply because the adhesive is not made for the more rough surfaces you find outdoors.

That being said, you can take the samples outside and hang them up with masking tape to give you an idea of how the paint color would look outdoors.

How many times can I reuse Samplize paint samples?

According to their website, there’s no limit to how often you can take off and reapply. However, people have complained that they are hard to get on and off the backing paper.

So if you want to try it out in many different places, I would suggest leaving the backing on and just using painter’s tape on the back.

Where To Place Samplize Peel and stick Paint samples?

Make sure to experiment in a variety of places around your home. Areas that are typically darker or brighter will produce different results when compared to areas with consistent lighting.

Here are some key places you should place your sample:

  • Next to trim work or molding
  • Underneath doors or windows frames
  • In the corners of walls or on the corners around an island.
  • On the wall where lighting varies
  • Next to the fireplace or an accent wall

How To Apply Samplize Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Here are some tips for applying your Samplize samples:

  • Make sure to clean your walls before starting. You can use a dry cloth or lightly dampened cloth to wipe down your wall.
  • If you’re applying the Samplize paint samples in areas that are already painted, make sure not to get any of the existing paint on the sample. This might cause it not to stick properly and ruin the sample.
  • Make sure to leave about 3/4 of an inch between each sample for easier removal later on. That way you can just grab one and not have to worry about mixing them up when it’s time for a change!
  • Peel off the backing paper only when you’re ready to test out the color – this will help prevent it from drying up before you want it to.
  • Only use enough pressure to stick them on the wall.
  • Never use so much pressure that you create indentations or bubbles
  • Once you’ve applied your sample, you can use a small wet cloth to smooth out any air bubbles. This will give you an accurate view of what the color really looks like.
  • Test out more than one color in the same room to see how different colors will look next to each other.
  • Remove the Samplize samples from your walls with both hands by grabbing the edges of the samples. Start at the corners and peel them off while pulling downwards to remove them from your walls.

Where to buy Samplize?

Once you have a few colors picked out, it’s time to order your samples! Samplize is available to buy online or in stores.

They’re currently available in over 2,000 Home Depot locations across the US and Canada. You can also purchase them online at www.samplize.com. If you purchase straight from their website you can get $5.00 off your first order.

How long does it take for Samplize samples to arrive?

Samples are shipped the same day (except Sundays & holidays) and will usually arrive within 1-3 days.

How much does Samplize cost?

Each Samplize peel & stick sample costs $5.95. You can enter your email address for $5.00 off your first order coupon code. They also offer free shipping on orders over $15.00.

I originally ordered 3 samples for only $12.85.

Cons to using Samplize

According to reviews, there are a few cons users have found when experimenting with Samplize samples.

Some have mentioned that it was difficult to remove the sticky residue from their walls after removing the sample. You can always leave the backing on and use painter’s tape to attach it to the wall to avoid this problem.

Others have also suggested that the samples aren’t very thick. This may cause them to curl up when they’re removed. Simply lay them flat for a day or two and put them back on after they’ve flattened out.


I hope this article has helped you decide on the perfect paint color for your home.

The Samplize paint samples are a great way to experiment with different colors without the added burden of painting an entire room. With these peel and stick paint samples, you can easily test out your choices before committing your time or money to one specific color scheme.

You may also want to consider buying two-three color samples at once instead of just one because it’s easier on the walls (and wallet). These small pieces of “canvas” will help make design decisions much more manageable in any space – so don’t be afraid to try them!


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