Wood Veneer DIY Pumpkin – Easy DIY

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for. So this year I set out to make a new DIY Pumpkin.

I wanted something that would fit into my farmhouse style decor that was neutral and rustic. When I came across this wood veneer edging I knew it would be perfect for this project.

Here I will show you step by step how to make this easy wood veneer DIY pumpkin.

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Wood Veneer DIY Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 1: Gather Supplies

STEP 2: Cut Wood Veneer Edging To Size

The first thing I did was cut the wood veneer edging strips.

Decide how large you want your DIY Pumpkin, and cut even amounts of strips.

For this one, I cut the strips into 12″ pieces and used a total of 14 strips.

STEP 3: Paint/Stain Wood Veneer & base

Once you have all the strips cut, here is when you would paint or stain them your color of choice.

For this one, I went with a whitewash effect.

I used this white chalk paint and added some water to it to create the whitewash effect.

Simply use a rag to wipe the paint on all of the strips and let dry.

As the strips were drying, I went ahead a spray-painted my CD’s gold. In hindsight, you can’t see the base you can skip this step if you want.

Step 4: Attach wood veneer strips to base

One of the nice things about wood veneer edging is that it comes with an adhesive already on the backing.

You need to heat it up in order to activate the glue.

Using a hairdryer, I heated up the end of the strip until the glue was tacky and then attached them one by one to the CD.

TIP: In order to keep the shape, use a large vase like I did or turn a large bowl upside down to set everything on as you work.

While I was heating up the next strip, I put a book on top to press the pieces firmly into place.

Once I had all my pieces attached, I glue another CD to the bottom to make sure the strips were nice and secure. You can also use 5″ wood discs as well.

Step 5: Figure Out Pumpkin DIY Shape

At this point, you want to figure out the shape of the pumpkin a few strips at a time. I used small clips to hold them in place.

Once I was happy with the shape, it was time to attach them all together.

Step 6: Attach Birch wood

Once I had the shape figured out, it was time to attach the stem.

For this, I used a piece of birch wood. The nice thing about this craft birchwood is that it has a flat bottom that will stand up on its own. No need to worry about it falling over!

First, I cut it down a bit because it was taller than I wanted.

Next, I used E6000 to glue it upright. Once it had dried, I used some hot glue around it to give it extra reinforcement.

Step 7: Glue strips together

In order to attach all the wood veneer strips together, I simply used hot glue.

First I went around and glued the ones I had clip together to each other.

Then, I glued each group together one by one.

wood veneer edging glued together to form pumpkin shape

Step 8: Decorate dIY pumpkin

The final step is to decorate the top however you would like! I used some old moss and a leaf I had laying around to cover the gap.

diy pumpkin made out of wood veneer edging

There you have it! A simple yet cute farmhouse DIY Pumpkin to go along with our farmhouse Fall mantle decor.

wood veneer diy pumpkin craft

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