DIY Vase With Handles – Easy

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I want to share how I made this DIY Vase with handles. Recently, I was out shopping at Michaels and found this really cute vase with handles but for $40 I figured it would be really easy to recreate myself.

I already had a vase I picked up from the thrift store for super cheap that I knew would work perfectly for this DIY.

Here I will show you how I created this DIY Vase with handles pretty easily.

finished diy vase with handles

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DIY Vase With Handles Instructions

Step 1: Pick Out Vase

You can use an old vase you have laying around, or head to the thrift store and probably find one that will work for you.

pink glass vase

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Here are the supplies I used for this DIY vase with handles:

supplies for diy vase with handles

Step 3: Prime Vase

When it comes to spray painting glass, it’s always a good idea to prime it first. I roughed up the surface with some sandpaper & then spray painted it white with a primer.

white primer on glass vase

Step 4: Create Design

In order to get the look I was trying to recreate, I drew some lines on a piece of painter’s tape. Then, I cut it out and put it on the vase where I wanted it.

Step 5: Spray Paint Bottom

In order to protect to top of the vase, I put a plastic bag over it and then secured it on the vase with some more painter’s tape.

Then, I simply sprayed two coats of multi-texture spray paint to the bottom of the vase.

Step 6: Add Leather Handles

For the handles, I used 1/2″ leather cord and some hot glue. These handles are purely for decoration so just a dab of hot glue worked. (Just make sure people know not to pick it up from the handle!)

Once the handles were dried, I added a small sew-on snap with hot glue to complete the look.

Step 7: Add Some Greenery & Enjoy!

Lastly, just add some greenery to the vase and that’s it! I choose to go with eucalyptis.

thrift store vase upcycle with handles

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this vase with handles. Hopefully it inspires you to get creative with some vases of your own!

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