Lingerie Chest Makeover – 4 Easy Steps

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Today I will share this lingerie chest makeover that I have been wanted to do for years!

Painting old furniture is a very impactful DIY project that doesn’t cost much. This old lingerie chest has been sitting in my house for years now and I finally got around to giving it some love! I’m not sure quite how old it is, but it was given to us by my husband’s grandfather. I would have done it a long time ago if I had thought about how quick this was!

All it took to transform this piece into a farmhouse-style beauty was some time, new hardware, and a bit of chalk paint.

lingerie chest makeover painted grey black handles

Here is what the dresser looked like before.

old lingerie chest

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As you can see, the bottom of the chest was quite warped. Sometimes with older furniture, you need to do a little repair to the wood.

Luckily, after I gave it a good sanding, I was able to determine that a fresh coat of paint would be all this chest needed.


Once I had sanded, I removed all the drawers and laid the lingerie chest on the ground. One trick when you are painting dressers is to number the bottom of the drawers with a piece of chalk. This will make it easier to put back in place when you are finished.

Next, I used a screwdriver to remove all of the hardware from the drawers. I was not going to be reusing the hardware so no need to keep them. Check out these tips to consider before replacing your hardware.

drawers taken out of lingerie chest

Step 3 – Paint Lingerie Chest

For this lingerie chest makeover, I went with  Aged Gray Chalk Paint. I love how well this paint covers. There was no need to prime it first.

First, I used a small roller to paint the large surfaces. Next, I used a brush to paint the crevices. After about an hour, I went ahead and gave it all a second coat.

drawers painted grey lingerie chest


After the paint was dry, I went ahead and used polycrylic to seal everything.


I was not a big fan of the hardware that was originally on this chest. After picking out new handles, I simply screwed in the new hardware and then put the drawers back into the chest. How simple is that?

I’m very happy with the way it turned out! I don’t know why I put off doing this for so long, it was such a simple project.

Lingerie Chest Makeover Supplies

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