48 Gorgeous Fall Living Room Inspirations

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Fall is my favorite time of year to update my living room decor. There’s something so cozy about bringing in the warm colors and textures of the season. In this post, you’ll find 48 stunning images of living rooms decorated for fall.

These pictures are sure to inspire you to create your own cozy autumn oasis.

From choosing the perfect color palette to incorporating natural elements, I’ve gathered all the tips you need to make your living room feel like a fall retreat.

Cozy living room with a white sofa adorned with plaid and striped pillows, a coffee table decorated with pumpkins, a candle, and a vase with autumn leaves.
Bright living room featuring a white sofa with plush pillows and a blanket, a rustic wooden coffee table with candles and pumpkins, and a large window showcasing fall foliage.
Living room with a beige sofa, neutral-toned pillows, a wooden coffee table with white pumpkins and a vase with orange autumn leaves, and a dining area in the background.
Spacious living room with large windows, white sofas with patterned pillows, a wooden coffee table with pumpkins and candles, and a fireplace flanked by built-in shelves.
Modern living room with a white sectional sofa, orange and white pillows, a chunky knit blanket, and a coffee table with a vase of vibrant autumn leaves.
Living room featuring a shiplap fireplace with a mantel decorated with rustic wooden items, a cozy sofa with plaid throw blankets, and a woven pouf in front of the fireplace.

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Choose a Warm Color Palette

One of the first steps to achieving a fall-inspired living room is choosing the right color palette. Warm hues like burnt oranges, rich reds, and golden yellows are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

  • Rugs: Look for rugs in warm tones to anchor your space.
  • Curtains: Swap out light, airy curtains for ones in deeper shades.
  • Accent walls: Paint one wall in a warm color to create a focal point.
  • Furniture covers: Use slipcovers in fall colors to easily update your seating.
Living room with a white sectional sofa, various patterned pillows, a black-framed window wall, and a coffee table decorated with an array of textured and patterned items.
Bright, airy living room with a white sofa and armchair, a wooden trunk-style coffee table, and autumn-themed decorations including a vase with orange leaves and plaid pillows.
Living room with white sofas, a large coffee table adorned with pumpkins and autumn foliage, and a fireplace with a TV mounted above it, flanked by built-in shelves.
Living room with high ceilings, large black-framed windows, white sofas with various pillows, a wooden coffee table with pumpkins and a throw blanket, and a fireplace.

Incorporate Cozy Textiles

Adding layers of cozy textiles is a great way to make your living room feel snug and inviting.

  • Throws: Drape a chunky knit throw over your sofa or armchair.
  • Pillows: Mix and match different textures like velvet, faux fur, and wool. Use fall pillow covers to save storage space & money!
  • Area rugs: Add a soft, plush rug to warm up your floors.
  • Drapes: Opt for heavier drapes in rich fabrics to keep the chill out.

Add Seasonal Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are an easy and affordable way to switch up your decor for fall.

  • Pillows: Look for pillow covers with fall motifs like leaves, pumpkins, and plaids.
  • Blankets: Choose fall blankets in warm colors and soft materials to add comfort.
  • Layering: Layer different blankets and pillows to create a cozy look.
  • Mix patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns like stripes, checks, and florals in fall colors.

Bring in Fall Scented Candles

Scented candles can instantly make your living room feel more autumnal. Opt for scents like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and apple cider.

  • Candle holders: Consider rustic holders like wooden or metallic ones.
  • Candle placement: Place candles on coffee tables, mantels, and side tables for a warm glow.
  • Lanterns: Use decorative lanterns to house your candles for a charming look.
  • Mix scents: Use a combination of different fall scents to create a layered fragrance.

Decorate with Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

  • Pumpkins: Arrange pumpkins of different sizes and colors around the room.
  • Leaves and branches: Use real or faux leaves and branches to create beautiful arrangements.
  • Acorns and pinecones: Scatter acorns and pinecones in bowls or on trays for added texture.
  • Gourds: Mix in a variety of gourds for a more dynamic display.

Update Your Wall Art for Autumn

Switching out your wall art is a simple way to update your living room for the season.

  • Prints and paintings: Look for fall artwork featuring fall landscapes, abstract autumn colors, or seasonal quotes.
  • DIY options: Create your own fall-themed art using materials like leaves and acorns.
  • Wall decals: Use removable wall decals with fall themes for a temporary update.
  • Framed fabric: Frame pieces of fall-colored fabric for a unique and easy art option.

Include Seasonal Centerpieces

A seasonal centerpiece can be a focal point in your living room and add to the autumnal vibe.

  • Tablescapes: Use a mix of candles, pumpkins, and natural elements on your coffee table.
  • Mantel displays: Decorate your mantel with a fall-themed garland and a mix of candles and small pumpkins.
  • Baskets: Fill a basket with seasonal items like pinecones, leaves, and mini pumpkins.
  • Glass jars: Fill glass jars with layers of colorful dried beans, popcorn kernels, or other natural elements.


Updating your living room for fall doesn’t have to be complicated. By incorporating these tips and browsing through the 48 images provided, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to create a warm, inviting space.

Remember, it’s all about adding those cozy touches and embracing the beautiful colors and textures of the season. Happy decorating!

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