Wood Craft Candle Holder – Easy DIY

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There is something about outdoor candles that help set an ambiance. I wanted to create some unique candle lanterns for my porch table that not only looked nice but were easy to make. Here I will show you how I made this wood craft candle holder with only a few steps and a few supplies.

Wood Craft Candle Holder

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Step 1 – Find Your Glass Candle Holders

Recently I picked up a whole bunch of vases at the thrift store for super cheap. You can use one that you already have laying around, or get some like these on Amazon. The two I used were 8 inches & 12 inches tall.

Make sure you clean them thoroughly before starting this project.


Step 2 – Gather Supplies

For this wood craft candle holder, I decided to use bamboo skewers. These are relatively inexpensive and you will have some leftover to use for another project or for a kabob afterward!

For the metal rings at the top and bottom, I used these cool clamps.

What I love about these, is that all you need is a screwdriver to tighten around the candle holder, so as long as you get a size close to what you need, you will get a nice snug fit every time. You can find most of the supplies at a craft store.

package of wood skewers and two duct clamps

Step 3 – Paint or Stain (Optional)

When making these, I went with two different color combos. For the first one, I left the original silver clamp and the original wooden skewer. For the second one, I wanted to change it up.

First, I stained the skewers using Varathane Kona Stain. It was super easy, just add a dab of stain to a piece of cloth and wipe down the entire skewer a few at a time. (Make sure to wear gloves).

wood skewers after being stained brown

Next, I gave the clamps a fresh coat of spray paint using this charcoal color.

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Duct Clamps Spray Painted black

Step 4- Attach Wood Skewers To Candle Holder

Okay, so this is where it gets interesting. For my first attempt at this, I used a hot glue gun to attach the skewers to the glass.

This caused a few problems. One, you could see all the globs of glue at the top on the inside of the glass – not pretty. And second of all, it wasn’t very easy to get the spacing right and make sure they were all completely upright!

Blue Marker As Spacer For Skewers On WOOD CRAFT Candle Holder

My second attempt was much simpler and quicker. First, I used a piece of blue painter’s tape in the middle to hold the skewers in place as I added them all the way around.

This allowed me to keep the candle holder upright. I simply used a marker as my spacer as I worked around the entire glass. So this was the way to go!

Step 5 – Add The Clamps

Once you have all your skewers on, it’s time to add the clamps. I started with the one at the bottom and tightened it enough to hold the skewers upright but not completely tight.

The reason for this is that once you remove the tape you may want to straighten a few of the skewers.

Repeat the same process to add the top clamp.

Screw driver used to Tighten Duct Clamp Around Vase
Wood Skewers attached to vase with blue painters tape and duct clamp

Step 6 – Trim & Straighten Skewers

Once you have the clamps added, slide the top one down a bit and trim off the top. Then slide the clamp back up to where you want it.

Next, remove the painter’s tape. You may have to straighten a few of the skewers at this point.

Once everything looks good, go ahead and fully tighten the clamps. After you do this, they won’t move.

Cut wood skewer to length
Wood Craft Project Skewer on candles

Step 7 – Add Candle And Enjoy!

Last but not least, go ahead and add your candle. I went with these battery-powered ones which have a remote and a timer. You can certainly add a real candle if you desire.

Wood Craft Candle Holders
Wood Craft Candle Holder

Supplies For Wood Craft Candle Holder

These would make great gifts or tall candle holders for wedding centerpieces as well. You can add sand or stones inside to elevate the decor as well. Here is a great list of lantern filler ideas. I hope you enjoyed these DIY candle holders.

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